Cultures and Organizations: Making Diversity Work

May 10th 2019

Culture In The Workplace™ is proud to be associated with Professor Geert Hofstede in commemorating the translation of his latest acclaimed bestseller ‘Cultures and Organisations: Software of the Mind’ in Chinese. This book launch represents a major milestone that celebrates his seminal intercultural research and recognises his contribution as the founding father of intercultural research in the realm of cross-culture and psychology. We are happy to have Bart Hofstede, Head of Culture, Communication and Education at the embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Beijing grace this occasion and be a keynote speaker at this event.

Culture In The Workplace™ (CW), a Division of ODE Consulting® Pte. Ltd, is the global licensee of Professor Hofstede and is fully endorsed to represent and apply his body of research to workplace challenges. Together with our International Partner’s Network, we leverage his applied research and work with organisations worldwide to drive organisational culture and bridge gaps across national cultures.

The event will give participants the opportunity to network with experts and academicians from the region and allow them to witness the value of Professor Hofstede’s research coming to life through a tool that calibrates their cross-cultural signature across his six dimensions of national culture.

We will also be sharing the tool, the Hofstede Culture In The Workplace Questionnaire (CWQ). Based on over 40 years of licensed research and across more than 70 countries profiled, it is the only profiler developed in collaboration with Professor Hofstede. The Hofstede CWQ also allows respondents to discover valuable insights on team and organisational preferences for up to 15 workplace behaviours such as decision making styles, motivation influences, loyalty etc.

"Through the global respondents that have used the Hofstede CWQ, the data harvested over the years suggests that the Hofstede Culture In The Workplace Questionnaire is not only an excellent teaching tool but, in addition, generates research results which correlate with my Values Survey Modules (VSM). It is thus a unique instrument which is validated and reliable in the field of cross-cultural learning and interventions."

– Professor Geert Hofstede

Key Highlights

  • Opening Video: ‘Origins of my Research and the CWQ’ by Professor Geert Hofstede
  • ‘Art, Diplomacy, Culture. Embracing Differences as a Vocation’ by Bart Hofstede, Head of Culture, Communication and Education at the embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Beijing
  • ‘Driving Cultural Alignment – Discover, Understand and Reconcile Differences’ by Dr Kavita Sethi, Principal Consultant and Hofstede CWQ Master Certifier
  • An interactive session to win copies of the Chinese translation of ‘Cultures and Organisations, Software of the Mind’, signed by Professor Hofste

Event Details

Tylfull Hotel, Beijing, China

10th May 2019



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