Key use cases of how we have helped our clients:


Preparing managers to operate effectively in an International environment in concert with overseas expansion


Improving business effectiveness in off-shoring operations across multiple countries


Helping high potential employees succeed when relocating to a new country


Providing cross-cultural coaching to improve team performance

How our solutions have been applied

New Employee Orientation

  • Establish the global nature of your company for new employees
  • Set corporate expectations that employees will interact with people of various cultures and will be expected to at least appreciate differences among represented cultural groups

Executive Coaching

  • Coaching and business briefing for the global executive for leading a global workforce, or preparation for international travel, work, decisions, etc
  • Distant interaction (e.g. telephonic/Skype, etc.) may be substituted for face-to-face interaction

Executive Relocation Coaching

  • Prepare executives/employees (and their families) who are relocating to new countries
  • Help them think through whether or not their preferences will be effective in the new environment
  • Review their new responsibilities and offer alternative approaches that may work better than their “natural” style

Cultural Awareness Training

  • Help employees benefit from knowing about cultural preferences of other employees, and their vendor/suppliers, or customers from other countries
  • Provide specific skill-based training in applying these skills (in custom programs such as “Presenting to the Japanese.”)

Global, Virtual and Intact Team Effectiveness

  • Help team leaders and team members understand the impact of culture on leadership/followership, decision-making, conflict resolution, and team communications

Facilitating Cultural Audits

  • Analyse workplace preferences to align HR/OD and business practices in various countries
  • Use the data collected to recommend alignment of business practices with outcomes, not processes

Global Leadership Development

  • Employees and managers working in multi-cultural companies benefit from understanding culturally-based behaviours in the workplace
  • Help prepare alternative approaches that are more effective in various cultures
  • Use training programs framed around a foundation of the Hofstede Culture In The Workplace Questionnaire results to introduce culturally-based behaviours and provides insight on how to be effective working and managing in the multicultural workplace

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