Unlocking Global Success:
A Hospitality Conglomerate’s Journey to Cultural Fluency

In today’s interconnected world, successful businesses must navigate the complexities of cultural diversity. This success story showcases how a global hospitality conglomerate overcame the challenges of cultural differences to enhance collaboration and communication across its teams, ultimately leading to improved service delivery.

The Challenge

The hospitality industry thrives on seamless communication and collaboration, but managing culturally diverse teams presents unique challenges. Leaders in this organization recognized the need to harmonize operations, enhance communication, and bridge cultural gaps among employees, stakeholders, and customers worldwide.

The Solution

A two-day workshop titled “Influence Across Cultures” held in Dubai became the pivotal solution. This workshop utilized personalized scores from the Hofstede Culture in the Workplace Questionnaire (CWQ) assessment to provide leaders with profound insights into cultural backgrounds and communication styles. Attended by senior leaders from eight countries, the workshop aimed to foster a cohesive approach to influence across cultures.

The Journey

The workshop served as a catalyst for introspection and deep discussion. Leaders engaged in thought-provoking exchanges, confronting their preconceived notions and biases. Utilizing insights from the Hofstede CWQ assessment, participants gained a greater understanding of cultural nuances and learned to skillfully engage and influence stakeholders in diverse settings.

The Outcome

Armed with newfound cultural awareness, hospitality leaders emerged empowered to bridge gaps and build stronger bonds within their teams and with stakeholders. The program facilitated a shared pursuit of cultural fluency, transcending geographical boundaries. Testimonials from participants highlighted the program’s impact, with one leader noting a better understanding of the correlation between behavior and cultural values.


Success in today’s global hospitality landscape requires more than just delivering exceptional service; it demands a deep understanding of cultural diversity. Through initiatives like the “Influence Across Cultures” workshop, organizations can equip their leaders with the tools and mindset needed to navigate the complexities of a multicultural world. As this success story exemplifies, investing in cultural fluency is not only beneficial for business growth but also essential for fostering inclusive and collaborative work environments.

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Culture in the Workplace extends its gratitude to ODE Consulting® for their collaboration in facilitating this impactful cross-cultural learning journey with Ascott International Management (Dubai) – Middle East, Africa & Turkey (MEAT) Cluster & Ascott International Management (India) – India cluster.