Cross-culture adaptability: skill of the future – Why be Hofstede CWQ certified?

Establish common cross culture language and profiles to facilitate global team effectiveness by personalising cross-culture orientation profiles to facilitate individual action

Accelerate development of a global mindset and enhance productivity and drive business results

Re-calibrate business processes and practices by considering how cross culture impacts the working environment

Certification Roadmap

On successful completion of the examination, you will receive a CWQ Certified Associate certificate endorsed by Prof. Geert Hofstede and signed by your Master Certifier and Academy for Mastery.
You will also have the option of continuing on to becoming a CWQ Certified Coach or CWQ Certified Consultant. The roadmaps of the certification processes are illustrated below.

What some of our associates have to say

"The information was rich with different perspectives of the group members. I really enjoyed it and I'm excited to start and work with it." — Denisse Leach

Great structure and quality of content. Top class facilitation with the dimensions explained clearly. I'm ready to use it to debrief coaching teams — Miguel Gurrola

I've gained valuable insights through the clearly explained dimensions and how to apply them in the best way for learning and motivation. — Lorena Cabré

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